Feelwell Garments | About Us
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About Us

Handcrafted Luxury, Our Legacy

Feelwell Garments and Accessories Private Limited began with a focus to establish the importance of craftsmanship within Luxury Fashion. As producers of Handcrafted Luxury, our journey began in 2010. Today the brands we have built a strong relationship with worldwide include Deepa Gurnani, Conair Corporation, Urban Group, Altar’d State, HSN, to name a few.

Based on expertise and exclusivity, our love for the traditional arts and crafts is embedded in our soul. We do, however, care for the craft just as much as the craftsmen. Our inspiration comes from the clients we work with and our motivation is the Artisan who has dedicated his life to preserving these age-old embroidery techniques.

In our quest for the best, we endeavor to move ahead hand-in-hand with the Artisans who bring our vision to life and devote ourselves to their personal progress. We believe in humane working conditions and fair wages for our craftsmen. We treat them like our family and instill in them a sense of pride for their achievements.

We promote talented Artisans and support those with the potential to develop their skills even further. For those who are up to the creative challenges of working with our high standards and a belief in our pursuit of excellence, the rewards are abundant.

Our Team

At Feelwell Garments and Accessories Private Limited we strive to maintain and promote the ancient Indian tradition of exquisite hand-sewn embroideries. With the growing demand for artistry and authenticity, traditional creative crafts will go on to play an increasingly important role in the future. We take our role as a conduit for this very seriously and provide the opportunity to hardworking people to exercise their skills and earn a living.

Along with 80 employees and over 250 Artisans, we work tirelessly to prove that high-quality craftsmanship is the only true luxury in fashion.
Improving local work culture has gratifying consequences on the growth and identity of people. Craftsmanship satisfies their need for meaningful work while also providing a sense of self-worth. We work with the team to inculcate in each one a spirit of creativity, an appreciation of quality and a sense of pride. These core values are clearly expressed in the daily practice of our team. In fact, the team begins their routine work day with a few minutes of meditation and chanting to enhance focus and bring everyone into the center of their being.


The Factory is located in the heart of India’s financial capital, Mumbai. Our four-story office, factory and specialized design studio provides a supportive environment to the Artisans, manages procedures for improvement in the organization of the employees along with fostering a system for internal quality control.

It is here that our Artisans undertake fine, painstaking work everyday to create beautiful designs we pride ourselves for. They help us in our endeavor to take the traditional techniques of Indian embroidery and give it a modern twist, so that this craft can be sustained for many years to come.